Monthly Archives: November, 2018

ftp.exe doesn’t work in Azure – Fail to send PORT command in FTP with NAT – 500 Illegal PORT command.

Well this was such a journey for me, and when I read the answer from Microsoft support I thought, I really need to blog...

Azure RDP connectivity error – CredSSP encryption oracle remediation SOLVED

You can occur in this error during you are trying to connect to a VM via RDP. This is a very annoying error and I...

Azure Billing WARNING: Offer id MS-AZR-0017P is not supported SOLVED

When you try to execute the PowerShell Cmdlet Get-AzureRmConsumptionUsageDetail or other Cmdlet from AzureRM.Consumption module. This situation may happen for many reasons, for example you...

My top strategies for costs optimization and governance in Microsoft Azure (Subscriptions distribution)

Cost optimization is a very complex topic in any cloud scenario, especially at the enterprise level, I like to share some shorts but extremely...

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