Nino Crudele is a professional with many years of experience in the IT sector, with a master’s degree in Cybersecurity from the University of Liverpool. He has experience working in several business sectors like banking, public sector, medical, communication, education, engineering, financial, manufacturing, etc. I am also frequent public speaker, Microsoft MVP since the 2006, author and blogger. His core expertise areas are Microsoft Azure, Cloud Security, Architecture and Design, Integration, code development and a strong geek passion for technologies.
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SAP integration +aid for biztalk , azure connect and adapter pack

  In my Integrator’s career I have integrate all systems, I have read many posts, many words , bla bla bla , but not so...

Community Days 2010 and Windows Azure Lab @ Community Days 2012

  Absolutely not loose this nice eventsCommunity Days is the most important event for developers in ItalyAll details here During the event you can...

Create webcast by easy way

I’m starting with some webcast about BizTalk Server and AppFabric.My first problem is… I want record a webcast in easy mode and produce a...

WF3 Types Obsolete in .NET 4.5

Workflow team has marked as obsolete a list of assemblies System.Workflow.Activities.dll System.Workflow.ComponentModel.dll System.Workflow.Runtime.dll System.WorkflowServices.dll Microsoft.Workflow.DebugController.dll Microsoft.Workflow.Compiler.exe Wfc.exe More details here  

Update of my BizTalk books park

This is an update  of my BizTalk books park Last read Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed Microsoft BizTalk 2010: Line of Business Systems Integration Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010...

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