BizTalk Italy Event Report

Wednesday 23
Wednesday evening between the hours 20 and 23 p.m. arrive in order Sandro, Tord, Steef-Jan and Lex, come back to my house, and a wonderful evening with friends

Thursday 24
Thursday morning the group go to take Saravana in Linate airport and we begin preparations for the event.

At the event was present all the of the most important Italian and european society and the best technical BizTalk consultants

Thursday 24
14:15 BizTalk Host thresholds and automatic throttling by Tord Glad Nordahl;

Tord has presented a session rich in technical content, of the highest level, Tord spoke in great detail about most advanced techniques of throttling, the people in the room took many notes and make questions, a mean of great interest, a really great session and with demo very interesting.

15:00 BizTalk360 by Saravana Kumar

The event continue with Saravana and his product BizTalk360 , the product has left everyone amazed, people were very interested. I was impressed by the new features that Saravana included in the new version of BizTalk 360, one of these is the Message Flow Viewer,
the ability to view, in real-time, flow of a message in really simple and understandable mode.

After a break with sweets offered by Overnet, the event hoster, and again

16:00 Adapter Pack Integration Capabilities (BizTalk)by Steef-Jan Wiggers

Steef-Jan has presented the opportunity to use the Adapter Pack in a wonderful mode, very interesting and with a lot of demos. the first a demo about integration with with Oracle 11g XE, and showing the use of the Adapter Pack with BizTalk and .NET coding for the same solution. He continues with a demo showing the Connected Bus Service Capabilities, all people were very interested And finally terminate the session a beautiful demo rich of technology, integration of SQL Azure from BizTalk in on-premise scenario, amazing At the end of the session Steef-Jan gave a copy of his book signed, BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook, one lucky participant was very happy, was a very beautiful moment

16:45 Introduction to the Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI features by Sandro Pereira

Sandro has presented the features EAI / EDI Azure in a manner so beautiful and with lots of demos, very technical and with high technical content. In the first demo presented all the features of the new EDI mapping and in the second demo EAI Functionalities with a demo very complex and interesting. In the third demo showed how you can use the features of EDI Portal.

17:30 BizTalk Innovation Event Wrap up by Nino Crudele

To me the mission of closing this fantastic day full of great topics I presented roadmaps for BizTalk 2010 R2, then I wanted to discuss with all about the best strategies in the domain of integration in both cloud and on-premise, it was a moment full of interesting observations, in the room were the best Italian BizTalk experts that I know, it was a big moment of sharing and discussion.
Finished the event all to eat, a great night with my MVP Lead and dear friend, Alessandro Teglia. Other Italian MVP have also participated, was a beautiful moment in front of good food, wine and beer.

Back home, and a nice evening under the veranda of my home.

Friday 25
Wake up at 9 am, and breakfast, after all in Milano center for shopping in Piazza Duomo and eat good food at front of Duomo There were times full of fun, we even thought about to rent a Ferrari for a ride to Milan but Steef doesn’t agree my drive style :-).

In the afternoon we take Saravana to Linate, the first sad moment, and then all at San Siro. To tell the truth, for me was the first time I visited a stadium so large and for me it was a nice experience, the guys (Steef,Lex,Tord,Sandro) are football experts so the done as guide 🙂

In the evening great dinner cooked by my wife, Grazia , the boys have eaten a lot and Steef discovered the new frontiers of Italian food 🙂

My kids were happy and tried to speak English with the guys, it was very nice.

Saturday 26
Wake up early and I take Tord at Linate, every time you leave a friend is a sad moment but I am sure to see him again soon.

Then we go to Graziano Visconti, was a very beautiful and exciting, especially for Sandro, Sandro know what about I speak 🙂
Then we go home to my parents and spend a fantastic family day out, full of great
moments for everyone.

Lex has also learned to make Tigelle becoming the first Master of Tigella Duch 🙂

My family was really happy to be with people so nice

Sunday 27
Sunday was a difficult day because it was the last day of these five fantastic days
Wake up at 4:30 and I take Sandro to Linate, another sad moment for between, then I go home, two hours of sleep and I take Steef and Lex to Linate.
Another very difficult time, I was so sad and Steef and Lex too.

Me, my family my parents and all, want to thank Steef, Tord, Lex, Saravana and Sandro for these wonderful moments.

Thanks you so much to
Steef-Jan Wiggers
Tord Glad Nordahl
Lex Hegt
Saravana Kumar
Sandro Pereira

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