WPC 2018 Milan – Microsoft Azure from 0 to 100

I am very happy to confirm my presence at WPC 2018 and with a great session, I want to thank Overnet Education for this opportunity now become an annual appointment.
WPC 2018 is the most important IT conference in Italy with hundreds of amazing sessions and innovative content.

This year I am going to present a very interesting session, the meaning of the session is simple, provide to the attendees all they need to work with Microsoft Azure in the best and productive way.

I will explain how to approach to Azure, the top governance strategies, naming standards, costs and finance strategies, top security and networking strategies, optimization, cost saving and a lot more.

The session is all based on my personal experience, just a couple of slides and 100% practice, I will share with the attendees the challenges I faced, my results and, with not, my mistakes and the chicken ways as well

It is a unique session full of information and high-quality material, at the end of the session I will provide all the material and documentation

It is a can’t-miss session, see you there!

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