101 Talk Arena with Michael Stephenson– Transform The Azure Cloud from a Log Cabin – February 18th at 2PM UTC

February 18th at 2 PM UTC

101 Talk Arena is getting crazier and crazier and after Sandro Pereira, the crazy unstoppable Wiki Ninja, we are now going to have another one of my TOP idols, Michael Stephenson!
I know Michael since I received my MVP award, 2006, and I saw him the first time in Seattle during a Biztalk Server briefing.

Michael is a brilliant mind, an integration pioneer, unstoppable researcher, he is a real hacker of Integration and many other things.
I love spending time discussing techs stuff and ideas, and during this 101 Talk Arena, we will speak about him with him.
I know he is working in some crazy innovative ideas around cloud automation, serverless patterns and practices, and we will chase him on that
We will also try to push him and getting some useful opinions about, Integration today, BizTalk migration and more….

This will be a real exciting Arena, as always Sandro will join me in this great free chat, no holds barred.

You can download and open the ICS Outlook File Calendar with the meeting below


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