Nino Crudele is a professional with many years of experience in the IT sector, with a master’s degree in Cybersecurity from the University of Liverpool. He has experience working in several business sectors like banking, public sector, medical, communication, education, engineering, financial, manufacturing, etc. I am also frequent public speaker, Microsoft MVP since the 2006, author and blogger. His core expertise areas are Microsoft Azure, Cloud Security, Architecture and Design, Integration, code development and a strong geek passion for technologies.
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Migration to the Cloud: A Comprehensive Quick Guide

Migrating to the cloud is a journey, with each expedition unique in its challenges and solutions. While every migration varies in its nature, there...

How to Optimize Business Activity Monitoring in Azure Integration Solutions with Application Insights

Business processes are the heartbeat of any organization. They are the sequences of tasks that combine to create a product, deliver a service, or...

Azure Made Easy: Your Guide to Quickly Start with Azure Templates

I'm here today to share something that I think will make life a little easier for anyone who's trying to find their way around...

OData API in Azure API Management: Simplifying Data Access and Enhancing Security

Microsoft has recently introduced a preview of the OData API type in Azure API Management (APIM), offering developers a standardized and more efficient way...

Azure Security Unleashed: Understand the Essentials in Minutes

Cybersecurity in Microsoft Azure is a multifaceted domain due to the variety of technologies it encompasses from databases and storage accounts to networking. Indeed,...

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