January 14th 19:30 GMT time

Many people know that I worked in BizTalk Server for many years, now I am more in the Cybersecurity and Azure area.
I heard people speaking about integration, Logic App, Azure Functions, Power Apps and more… but what about BizTalk Server?
Is still worth using BizTalk Server?
What about the new Integration stack offered by Microsoft?
Azure RAD vs BizTalk Server, when, where and why?
What about migration from BizTalk Server to Azure?
Let have a chat in the arena with the BizTalk Ninja Sandro Pereira, the most BizTalk Server expert in the world, who also daily works in the Azure Integration space 😉

This is a one to one talk without filters, where people can also jump in with any question.

You can join to the event below.

101 Talk Arena with Sandro Pereira – What about integration now?


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