13 years MVP recap and plans

Since 2006 the first of July became one of the most important days for me, it is the MVP renewal day, working as usual and waiting for the magic email from Microsoft.

It is always emotional to see the email in my inbox and it remembers me the first time I saw it, that memory is always with me.

13 years of many adventures and challenges, since BizTalk Server, Integration, and now Microsoft Azure, a professional evolution made by nights of development, writings, events and speeches, many new friends, nice and bad moments.

  • My first BizTalk community in 2006

  • The immortal Italian Gladiator team

  • The magic BizTalk Crew

So many community activities and adventures we did together and we are still doing…

  • The viral Chicken Way philosophy

  • All amazing friends and people around the world, always available and ready to help me in the good and bad moments

  • A new family in Portugal

  • The fun

It is great to be Microsoft MVP, you are member of a big family, all people with a common passion for community and technologies.

My next plans, well… Azure, Azure and Azure…, in the last two years I have been lucky because I am working in one of the biggest Azure infrastructures around the globe and I am learning so much.

This year will be the year of Azure Governance, it is the most interesting topic for me and, in my opinion, the most complex.

I have to plan different community activities and events, a book and a training course, it will be another great year!

You are welcome to join the MVP family at any time, you can find much information in the MVP Website and you can ask any MVP around the world.

I want to thank Microsoft and the MVP Award program for giving me the great opportunity and honour to spend another great year in this amazing family.

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