Monthly Archives: January, 2018

AzureLeap – Azure Network Optimisation checklist

This is a checklist for network optimisation in azure, I will keep this list updated Use accelerated Networking Virtual machines must be created with Accelerated Networking...

AzureLeap – Microsoft Azure Networking Troubleshooting Guideline

This is a troubleshooting guideline for Azure networking, I will keep this guideline updated. Performing a network troubleshooting is a very complex job, especially when...

AzureLeap – Azure Security Health Check with Azure TechCenter

Azure Security TechCenter is a primary resource to manage our security in Azure How do we need to use it? AST provides any information we need...

AzureLeap – troubleshoot unexpected shutdown and automatic updated in your Azure VMs

Sometimes we experience an unexpected shutdown in our VMs in Azure, to troubleshoot that I recommend these steps. Open the event viewer and filter the...

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