AzureLeap – Azure Network Optimisation checklist

This is a checklist for network optimisation in azure, I will keep this list updated

Use accelerated Networking

Virtual machines must be created with Accelerated Networking enabled. This feature cannot be enabled on existing virtual machines. You can follow the steps below to enable accelerated networking

Use Receive Side Scaling (RSS) can reach higher maximal throughput

RSS may be disabled by default in a Windows VM. To determine whether RSS is enabled, and enable it if it’s currently disabled, complete the following steps:

Perform a network latency test

Perform a network latency test from the local machine

Check which datacentre is better and closer

Perform a deeper network latency test from the local machine

Used to profile and measure Windows networking performance, NTttcp is one of the primary tools Microsoft engineering teams leverage to validate network function and utility, especially if you have to test from a VM in the on-premise environment.

AzureLeap – Azure Networking Troubleshooting Guideline

This is a troubleshooting guideline for Azure networking

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