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How to become Microsoft MVP, and mistakes to avoid.

Many people ask me this question, so I decided to write the important information to know and share my personal experience to help. I joined...

A better Azure with CAF, WAF and AAC

Only a few days to go the London Integrate 2022, I decided to write something about this important topic, and I will discuss it...

Reverse Shell Attack to Microsoft Azure Containers – How to do and how to protect

On May the 7th, I spoke at the Global Azure Bootcamp. During the session, I explained how to conduct a reverse shell attack on...

Microsoft Azure Cloud Security for Sales, Managers and Security roles, what it is important to know, and useful resources to look at.

The scope of this article is to provide a good understanding and vision of cloud security. My willingness is to share my experience and...

Sync and Federation between Microsoft and Google, How to, What it is important to know and Why

Sync and Federation between Microsoft and Google, How to, What it is important to know and Why.   We are living in a multi-cloud culture, and...

Success stories:

"Nino joined as a contractor but acted as an employee. He is self-starting, dedicated, very knowledgeable in his field, true to his word, engages with the organization, looks for and takes on value add activities,.... In addition Nino is professional but also a pleasant friendly individual who people respect and like to work together with. Nino has built out our Azure environment to a robust, secured, well governed solution that is used by multiple divisions within the group. I would recommend Nino to all that needed his kind of expertise."

Peter B.


"Nino Crudele is a man you can rely on. His great passion and in-depth knowledge around BizTalk and Integration space is admirable. I've been on stage with Nino many times and he captivates the audience with his wide grasp around BizTalk and best practices. He is also outgoing, funny and professional. Any client getting the assitance from Nino Crudele are getting a true guru and are extremly lucky."

Tord G.N.

Lead Cloud Architect