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My good companion to manage Microsoft Azure

In the last month I have been extremely busy with many things, now we are very close to Christmas and I'd like to take...

Azure Billing WARNING: Offer id MS-AZR-0017P is not supported SOLVED

When you try to execute the PowerShell Cmdlet Get-AzureRmConsumptionUsageDetail or other Cmdlet from AzureRM.Consumption module. This situation may happen for many reasons, for example you...

AzureLeap – How to optimize your Azure environment at the TOP using Azure Advisor

Azure Advisor (AzA) is a free service in Azure Portal that we can use to optimise many critical areas like, Costs, Performances, Security and...

AzureLeap – How-to save our costs and money in Azure – Azure Reserved Instances

Saving costs, it is the most crucial topic in any cloud scenario, we use a lot of resources, and it can be very complicated...

AzureLeap – Azure Backup strategies and costs

We have different options to backup our data, customized options using tools like AZCopy and Azure storage, even Azure Function, we can speak about...

Success stories:

"Nino joined as a contractor but acted as an employee. He is self-starting, dedicated, very knowledgeable in his field, true to his word, engages with the organization, looks for and takes on value add activities,.... In addition Nino is professional but also a pleasant friendly individual who people respect and like to work together with. Nino has built out our Azure environment to a robust, secured, well governed solution that is used by multiple divisions within the group. I would recommend Nino to all that needed his kind of expertise."

Peter B.


"Nino Crudele is a man you can rely on. His great passion and in-depth knowledge around BizTalk and Integration space is admirable. I've been on stage with Nino many times and he captivates the audience with his wide grasp around BizTalk and best practices. He is also outgoing, funny and professional. Any client getting the assitance from Nino Crudele are getting a true guru and are extremly lucky."

Tord G.N.

Lead Cloud Architect