Azure Billing WARNING: Offer id MS-AZR-0017P is not supported SOLVED

When you try to execute the PowerShell Cmdlet Get-AzureRmConsumptionUsageDetail or other Cmdlet from AzureRM.Consumption module.

This situation may happen for many reasons, for example you are trying to use a not supported Azure Subscription type, you can check the supported types in the list below.

You won’t see this offer in the list because this is the Enterprise Agreement offering code.
For me the message error was a bit misleading, and after some investigation I found that the issue is due by a not updated AzureRM.Consumption module version.

To solve this issue you need to start a PowerShell console as Administrator, and you need to update your Azure module using the command below:


and after that I would recommend an update


Now close all your PowerShell consoles instances running and reopen again.

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