AzureLeap – How to optimize your Azure environment at the TOP using Azure Advisor

Azure Advisor (AzA) is a free service in Azure Portal that we can use to optimise many critical areas like, Costs, Performances, Security and HA.

We can access to AzA searching Advisor in the Azure Portal.

The Advisor portal provides a great overview of our possible issues

Each feature monitored use different parameters, for example, the VM are monitored for 14 days and so on.

AzA monitors the usage of VM, SQL Server and Networking, and we can export our recommendations in excel or pdf, which is very useful for working with the different departments.

Selecting a specific recommendation we can have a very clear taxonomy

We can dismiss and manage our recommendation which is important for a customization management

There are a lot of great feature inside, for example the possibility of automate and execute the recommendations, below is the case of SQL Server index performance optimization.

A great feature I like to use is the Azure Advisor APIs

Using the APIs, we can automate the generation or our recommendation.

I strongly recommend the using of Azure Advisor as you top support to maintain your Azure environment in good conditions and saving costs.

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