My good companion to manage Microsoft Azure

In the last month I have been extremely busy with many things, now we are very close to Christmas and I’d like to take the opportunity to spend some words about an important topic, my Azure tools.

Any Azure professional has a companion of tools to manage the cloud, for costing, infrastructure, governance, security etc…
I am always curious to see how other people approach to Azure and how they handle the daily routine challenges, I have been across a evolution in this area.
It is barely impossible to manage the complexity of the hundreds of the daily request without a good set of tools, so long time ago I started collecting scripts and trying to organize my daily operational challenges in order to optimize my work.

Long time ago I develop a tool named BizTalk NoS Addin, that tools was able to save me a lot of time, and because I was almost developing in BizTalk Server, I decided to implement the tool in Visual Studio.

Now it was a completely different situation, I need to manage Microsoft Azure at 360 level and provide support in any area, from the governance, to costs, to IT and developers.
After a while I realised that, one of the most used “tool” by me was, Microsoft Office!

So long time ago I decided to start including tools and features in a Microsoft Office Addin, below you can see some of the most used features.

This is something I am daily improving, based on my real experience in the daily routine.

Many friends and people asked me to use it so, as I promised, during the Christmas time I will have the time to prepare a deployment and I will be able to provide the addin to them.

I am very happy to share this tool to other Azure professional, this is a great opportunity for me to share opinions and consolidate some of the features.

Stay tuned and feel free to contact me for any more information and…

Happy Christmas to all of you!

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