{AoT} Azure of Things – BizTalk London Summit 2015


The BizTalk London Summit is coming and many are the reasons because I’m so excited. Sometime I like to think about my first BizTalk London Summit, it was two years ago, the atmosphere was magic, the event was full of integration experts and passionate, honestly I like to call them Integration Animals 🙂

Sandro wrote a great post about it HERE

During the last Summit I had the opportunity to share knowledge, to learn new thing and , important thing, in front a good beer :).
The number of attendees is going to grow up every year more, last year were 250+ and probably this year will be 400+.

When I think that all of this because a group of great friends started a magic adventure called BizTalk Crew three year ago, organizing events around the Europe because the passion and the friendship, I think that’s amazing and I’m feeling so happy for that.


Now the event is International and many are the challenges to organize it, the BizTalk 360 team is doing a great job, these guys are rocks!!!

All the speakers are Microsoft MVPs and also many Microsoft Product and Program Managers from Redmond will be present, these two days will be full of intensive moments, it will be an amazing technical opportunity to live.

Microsoft released a lot of new things in Azure and I invested all my free time to study and developing. One of my preferred stack is Event Hub, I played a lot around it, next week I will be in the Integration Monday and I prepared some toys and code to show up, I think it will be a nice technical moment.

The event will be around 19.30, yes is during the dinner time and I like the idea that probably most of the attendees will eat during my session, I will also eat something during the speech 😀

HERE if you are interested to join for the Tech Dinner Session, the menu will be, Event Hub and good beer.

About BizTalk Summit in London, well is not simple to explain what I’m going to show, in this last period I was impressed about how many interesting thing is possible to do mixing things in Azure, this because {AoT} Azure of Things. Now Microsoft Azure is full of great stacks witch we are able to mix together, in very simple way, to solve most of the common integration problems and patterns. Months ago I started to investigate about it and I was impressed by the simplicity , by the opportunity to combine all of this in so simple way, Queues, Topics, Event Hub, Hybrid Integration, ,Application, Analytic, Computing, Data and more.

In this last month I felt myself as a child playing with fun, playing with code and technologies, was long time that I missed this feeling, just combining in intelligent way these stacks is possible to create and solve fantastic integration patterns.

I will write more about {AoT}, the BizTalk London Summit will be a great opportunity to discuss about it.

You can find more detail about the BizTalk London Summit HERE.

See you there 🙂

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