BizTalk 2010 CookBook Full Review

This is the review that I wrote for amazon, but after some days arrived an email from amazon, “the review must be short than 500 characters”
I re wrote another short version for amazon but now I blog the full version of my review of this fantastic book.

I’m reading the book of Steef-Jan Wiggers, BizTalk 2010 CookBook

This is the first time that I read a book so full of interesting and usefull concepts around BizTalk Server and Itegration aspects.
I want to speak about this book because is so different from the others, I think that is important analize the arguments in steps.

This book distinguish itself from the others for one thing, this book is not a simple manual, this book dosen’t respond at the question “how to do” but at the question “the best way to do”.

I worked with BizTalk from the first version and I have seen many types of situations and different scenarios, in this book I’ve found a lot of many interesting tips, only a person that work with BizTalk  every day and from many years can write a book as this.

The book start with the most important aspect, the planning of BizTalk Installation, the preparation of a BizTalk environments, for example the best tools to work with BizTalk, best instruments to monitoring, analisys, and one of the most important thing (I think), gathering requirements by asking the right questions.

The second most important aspect for a BizTalk project is define  the architecture pattern of the solution, infact this book faces it immediately, and you can read the most importants and usual answers around this arguments, FIFO, parallel convoy, asynchronous or not and why, most important orchestration patterns .

The third chapter is really usefull, the best way to monitoring a BizTalk solution, manage the error handling and one of the most important , deploy.

In the fourth chapter the book speak about security, the most important thing is the arguments that the book focuses, are the most importants as SSL, MIME/SMIME, certificates .

After 2006 of BizTalk version Microsoft focuses all attention on WCF layer, and in chapter five, correctly, the book start to speak around the most important aspects of WCF and BizTalk, and in the chapter six the book present a real solution using Service Connect, really nice and interesting!

Another important aspect, the monitoring and manage of BizTalk solution in high level, for administering and auditing, in the chapter seven the book presents the best chooses to do this in the best modeand many interesting tools

The chapter eight present the use of rule engine in excellent mode and at the end another important aspect, the test of a BizTalk solution.

Chapter nine is fantastic, really incisive, essential, full of the most important things around the best way to test a bizTalk solution, how to organize the tests, all of the most important tools to test all BizTalk aspects, to start from mapping, loading, processing and many others.

Steef-Jan Wiggers wrote a great book, full of many importants things, this is a different book, is not a easy manual, this book  is a great friend for a BizTalk developer team, BizTalk administrator and absolutely for  strategic decisional team members.

Congrats Steef-Jan, one of the best book I readed

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