BizTalk Convention Over Configuration processing by REST

During the 2012 I was looking for something real dynamic to drive the processes inside BizTalk Server, there are different options to use, one is using BRE from pipeline components and orchestrations and drive the processing by SQL Server tables and context message as Microsoft ESB Toolkit another is creating some pipeline components and orchestrations and using a storage database as SQL Server with a number of tables to instruct our code to drive the messages and other more options.

What I was missing in BizTalk was the real feature of a real ESB, something was able to adapt his processes using a convention over configuration, when Microsoft provided the opportunity to expose REST by BizTalk then BOOOM, here we go and I started the project.

I wrote a post about it but I never published the code, now the code is available here.

The idea is simple, RESB is going to provide the possibility to drive the BizTalk processes by HTTP REST using a convention over configuration, below some of the slides I used during an event in Milan, all of them are inside the package.


and trying to cover the most important and used communication patterns.


In the REST URI specify what entities we want to invoke and the order.


and drive our process trough HTTP REST


The architecture is using BRE with different pipeline components and orchestrations.


The code inside uses different technics to provide the maximum flexibility and extensibility, below some sample used inside the project.

Slide8 Slide7 Slide9

In many asked me to publish this code, the solution is the DRAFT of this idea and this could be a good starter kit to create something similar.

You can find more information in previous blog post and you can download the code here.

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