BizTalk London Summit 2014 Sessions and Speakers are ready!

The BizTalk Summit 2014 in London is the most important event about the Integration Technologies in the world.
All of the most important persons of the Integration world will be present as speaker and attendees, will be an event full of great topics and in deep.
For this reason I want to present a session totally based on my personal experience formed in these years in fieldwork, I want to share all of my best tricks, tips, personal tools and documentation I used and using every day during my work, this is my real approach to solve the most important integration issues in a project team and in a BizTalk solution.

I will work in these months to prepare this session, there is a lot of work to do, collect and organize all of my best tricks and tools, all libraries, stories and documentation in one place and in one document.

You can find all information about the event here


We will see in London!

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