BizTalk Mapping Patterns & Best Practices, the Bible of the mapping.

I want to present you one of the best book about BizTalk Server, BizTalk Mapping Patterns & Best Practices.
The Author is Sandro Pereira, my great friend, he is a MVP in Microsoft Application Integration since 2011, he is one of the most active person in the Integration Community area.
Honestly I’m always impressed by Sandro’ s Blog, thousands of posts and advices, and  I always thought , “what could be happen if Sandro decides to write a book?”, this is happened.
Well, 400 pages about mapping and transformations, this is the bigger opera I can image about mapping and transformations.
I reviewed the book, it was a very hard work, the book is really full of information, demos, and all possible use cases about mapping in BizTalk Server.
I said BizTalk Server because the book is wrote for the mapping with BizTalk Server, but a lot of the concepts I found in the book, could be applicable for all kind of mapping, MABS, XSLT etcetera.
I’m sure that this book will be considered the bible of mapping, any Integration animal in the world will refer to this book in the future.

Another important thing is that, the book is free.

You can find the book here

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