BizTalk Migration and Moving Risks Board White Paper

I like to share a couple of my white papers, I normally use these during a BizTalk migration, moving or update.
A BizTalk Server migration or moving is a good opportunity to review our environment, one of the most critical point are the risks we can find and avoid in the during.
There are a lot of issues to consider, some of these are very simple and, because simple, are the most dangerous.
The best thing to do is using a reference document to keep track about our risks, I like to call it the Risk Board.
In the Risk Board I normally put everything I think needs to be considered and covered, some of these points are critical by personal experience and, if we cover them in the first period, we will be able to do a great job.

I will keep update these whitepaper, please feel free to use them and to collaborate with your feedback and experience.

You can find the white papers here in my BizTalk documents folder on GitHub.

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