BizTalk NoS Addin new Update

I released a new update of BizTalk NoS Addin.

What new and fixed:


Test of total empty pipeline without any document specification schema inside (thank to Eldert Grootenboer @egrootenboer for the support on testing and discovering)
Test pipeline with multiple schema and multi components


Test pipeline component debugging now supports different .net framework versions (thank to Eldert Grootenboer @egrootenboer for the support on testing and discovering)


Fixed a strong support to print or create documentation in refactory and reflector way, the steps:

Execute reflector or refactory where you need (Orchestration,project,solution or other artifact)


Right click on the result surface and select Print or Print preview


Select print and Microsoft XPS Document Writer to create an Office document or select a printer directly


This is very useful to send, print or create all the documentation of the artifacts

The real power of the BizTalk NoS Addin is the big different variety of uses and all of them depend by the developer fantasy and his creativity so I give you an example.


The Reflector and Refactor working at all the levels

  1. Solution, collect all artifacts of the entire solution and eventually produces the metrics
  2. Project, collect all artifacts of the entire project
  3. Orchestration, Transforms, Schemas, Pipelines (collect the detail of the single artifact)

The report is interactive and you can use it to do the fast artifact navigation for fast development, troubleshooting, possible bottleneck identification (dangerous persistent points) and more a developer can imagine.


I want to create a video to explain all possible uses I have found and I normally use during my work.

You can find the new version here

or in Visual Studio (2010 / 2012) Extensions and Updates and looking for BizTalk word


At least thank you to Iron Maiden, Trivium and Monster Magnet for their songs that join me during my crazy evenings, working on addin.

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