What about BizTalk NoS Addin Visual Studio 2010 version?

The current BizTalk NoS Addin beta version is only available for Visual Studio 2012 which means that we can only use it with BizTalk Server 2012, but I know that many of us still have and will have for a long time BizTalk Server 2010 project which requires Visual Studio 2010.

And I already noticed that many people have questioned the possibility to have this add-in in Visual Studio 2010, or when will be available a version for Visual Studio 2010 to support BizTalk Server 2010 projects.

Well, actually the BizTalk NoS Add-in project born with Visual Studio 2010 version. However the NoS Add-In requires a lot of particulars features of Visual Studio engine to work and unfortunately I noticed during development a lot of strange behaviors. I tried to migrate the project to Visual Studio 2013 and it worked well, after a lot of study and research I discovered a lot of differences around the multithreading model between VS 2010 and VS 2013, and with only 4 month to prepare my session and show this add-in working on BizTalk Summit 2014 London event I decided to stay in VS 2013.
Now that the VS 2013 Beta release is out and I can concentrate myself to check the possibility to port the NoS Add-In into VS 2010 version… because porting the code and support BizTalk Server 2010 is simple, the complicate will be to fix the strange behaviors with multithreading on VS 2010.

So this evening I will start porting the BizTalk NoS Addin into Visual Studio 2010.

Stay tuned and for now have fun trying the addin in VS2013!


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