BizTalk Summit 2013 London

All the guys (Saravana, Steef-Jan,Tord and Sandro) have done a good resume of the conference yet, I would add only few things.
One of the best event I seen ever, great organization and full of so many interest and important persons. For me It was a great opportunity to know many new people and more of them were the most big BizTalk expert ever.
I did a session putting all of my personal experience on the table, discussing more interaction as possible with people, there were great moments, one of the most beautiful time of my life that I will remember.

I received a lot of fantastic feedback from all people and this means I have achieved the desired result.

I want to thank Microsoft UK for having hosted us, Microsoft America (Guru Venkataraman, Ravi Krishnaswamy and Kent Brown )
and all of the BizTalk guru (Michael Stephenson, Stephen W. Thomas, Jon Fancey, Charles Young)
Thanks to everyone who came in BizTalk summit, never seen 140 BizTalk expert all in one room, nice!!!!, and thank for their nice feedback Sorriso

And at the last but not the least I want to thank all the guys who make this possible, my second family, the BizTalk Crew


I consider myself a very lucky person to have friends like them.

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