Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Days 2013

I’m so happy to announce again the next BizTalk Crew event the, Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Days 2013.


There will be 6 speakers with great topics:

Kent Weare – Exposing Line of Business (LOB) services to mobile devices

Steef-Jan Wiggers – BizTalk Server 2013 and the Windows Azure Service Bus: Hybrid Solutions

Saravana Kumar – Management and Monitoring of BizTalk Server using BizTalk360

Sandro Pereira – BizTalk Mapping Patterns and Best Practices

Tord Glad Nordahl – Proactivity in BizTalk

And me with a new topic, BizTalk Hostage Situation.

During the day will be a great Microsoft Key Notes of BizTalk 2013.

I started to prepare my session, in this session I will put a lot of my real personal BizTalk Server experience, I think that it will be a session full of interesting and useful topics, for example, how to developing a BizTalk Solution in the best way, what we need to do, understand and avoid, how to improve your Productivity and of the team too, how to organize yourself and the team and many Others interest topics.
But the important thing is that all of these topics become using a real life strategies and templates, no any theory but “BizTalk approach” in real life to survive in the best way 🙂

Many thanks to Bouvet, the main sponsor again!

I’m very excited!!! We will see in Norway!!! All information here

Register now 🙂

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