Enterprise Integration Workshop in TUGA IT

In the last two years I spent a lot of spare time developing code in GrabCaster and because that, I have opened a lot my vision of “integration” and I learned a lot of new thinks about integration, one of the most important thing is how to integrate technologies using different approaches and methodologies.

I want to thank the TUGA IT organization for inviting me, I’m honored to be part of this important event in Europe, I’m going to prepare the material for the Workshop, I will share the day with other two dear friends, integration animals and BizTalk Crew fellows,  Sandro and Steef-Jan , I’m very excited about that and I would like to anticipate some of the topics that I would like to cover.

Logic App development

I developed a  new Logic App connector able to solve a lot of problems in very easy way,  I want to provide a real example about how to build a Logic App connector and what the challenges and the best strategies to follow.

BizTalk Server Adaptation

Extending the BizTalk Server integration capabilities sometime is a challenge but there are some interesting strategies to use to  get this very simple to do, I would like to present how to extend BizTalk Server integration capabilities in very easy and fast way.

GrabCaster V2

Well, incredible new features in the new version, I’m so exited about that!, I think this is a new way to look into the integration of technologies.
I want to get the opportunities to share and discuss about that with all the technology experts in TUGA, I’m sure it will be awesome.

Azure EventsHub

I definitely love it and I have something really coll to show.

Azure API management and Azure Active Directory Security

I love API Management, in the last weeks I spent a lot of time between, APIM and Azure AD, I really love the idea to be able to manage my  Azure Web Apis and resources using APIM, APIM is able to offer many interesting option using Products and Policies in combination together and the idea to abstract the security layer to extend it is powerful, I prepared a nice demo with source code, I’m excited to present it.

Another topic is SAP custom integration

One of the option is BizTalk Server, solid and rock platform with a fantastic adapter and you can find a lot of resources in the network, for example a good book about Lob integration is Microsoft BizTalk 2010: Line of Business Systems Integration, nice book able to cover many different LOB scenarios and full of many samples.
If you need to do something specific and custom other option is using libraries like Theobald Software, very simple to use and to implement and if Java developer then SAP Java Connector for example.

Microsoft updated the last version of BizTalk Adapter to use the sapnco connector it is the Connector for RFC communication with ABAP systems, you can find any information you want here.

SAPNCO is a library able to speak with SAP using RFC protocol and also able to retrieves the required metadata from the SAP system, below the architecture:


the library is available in the SAP market place here (service.sap.com/connectors)

I prepared for the workshop a console application which is able to receive IDocs from a SAP system using the sapnco library only, during the workshop I will provide complete examples and source code.

See you there!

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