Holistic in the integration space – Events recap

In the last month, I’ve been speaker in two events, the WPC 2016 in Milan and the BTUG.be in Belgium, in both the events I presented the results of my studies around the holistic approach and my point of view about integration.

WPC 2016 Milan, 77 speakers for +400 attendees, makes this event the first event in Italy about IT, technology and innovation, great content and very prepared speakers.

BTUG.be is a technical event focused on Integration and organized by the BizTalk User Group in Belgium, the guys invited me 2 month ago, and I was very happy to accept because I was sure to find an audience of very strong and expert technical people.
In the BTUG.be I enjoyed all the sessions, Microsoft presented a session around integration patterns and SOLID concepts, Pieter presented a very interesting session, What’s new in BizTalk Server 2016, he has been able to present a very detailed session about the new features, Glenn, about Azure Functions, presented a very interesting point of view and of comparison between Azure Functions and the other stacks like Logic App and WebJobs.

In both the event I present my session In my session, my point of view about Integration and what means Holistic approach, I received an impressive great feedback by both the events and I’m very happy by the spontaneous feedbacks that I’m receiving via LinkedIn and email.

Looking in the feedbacks, one of the sentences which I most like is:

“finally someone that makes sense regarding integration, I know exactly what you mean with your holistic approach.
I have tried for many years to explain to people that what you’re saying, and you do it too.
So you have shown me the way”

This was exactly the scope of my session, given to people something to think about, a new view about how to use technologies and how to combine them together.
I think that, in a moment full marketing messages, thousands of technologies and options, this is one of the most important aspect of interest.

Sometime we don’t realize the potential of a technology because focused around the messages we received by the network, some other time we don’t see the technology in a different point of view.
When I approach to a new technology I’m like a child with a new toy, I normally don’t care about how the network defines or categorizes it, I just get the main marketing message and I start playing with this technology.

I like to see any technology from a different point of view, any time, this is the best approach to use to better understand the potentials.

I also use GrabCaster to explain these concepts because it contains all of my studies, GrabCaster is my personal laboratory, it’s a space which contains all of my studies and ideas, I start seeing other companies implementing patterns and concepts already implemented in GrabCaster long time ago and this is a great pleasure for me.
People are following and are looking in GrabCaster code to get new ideas and patterns like, open pattern, layering abstraction, dynamic deployment, open mediation, how to achieve real time performances in BizTalk Server and more, I still need to create more videos and tutorials and I will, family and sport activities permitting.

At the moment GrabCaster contains a lot of great features but this is probably the 10% about what I have in my mind, I will keep going implementing on it and if you like to collaborate please do it.

I will improve this session in the time and I will create more scenarios using, combining and extending what I consider the best technologies to use together at the moment.

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