How to create an Azure development environment, simply

At this time I starting with two interesting projects.
I must prepare an immersive training day about Microsoft Cloud System (Azure).
I’ll start with a new project around a new ESB Intelligent Throttling System.
For this reason starting with this post I’ll write some interesting (at least for me) articles, I’m Italian, I would write these in English for two reasons, the first, I’ll must speak about these arguments around the world, so… for this reason I must improve my English language 🙂 , the second, I’m a Microsoft MVP for six years , the English language permit me to share my knowledge to much persons is possible in the world, and as MVP this is my primary mission, at this time my English language is not so improve as my technology knowledge I’m working about this.
In next article I would like to discuss about all Cloud parts and in particular mode of AppFabric components, this because one my good MVP brother and friend (Fabio Cozzolino), in my previous article pointed out to me misunderstand of people about different from AppFabric components, BizTalk Integrations, WAS and the relations between them, Fabio has reason.
Ok by the way… I like to say this term… by the way 🙂

To starting this new two projects, yet again, I must install my  a new virtual machine, I want to take advantage to share some quick practices recipes.

Prepare your developer environment without too much worlds, these are games for kids 😉

Make sure of…
make sure to have more recent service packs, about OS and VS 2010
Install IIS and with IIS these features, HTTP Activation and Static Content, ASP.NET,CGI,WCF

Go to

and at the next message click next button and install, here we go.


 and remember always the first rule of a cloud developer…

Yes… there is no way without running visual studio as administrator 😉

good work my friend.

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