I will be at BizTalk Summit London 2014

3th and 4th March will be the BizTalk Summit 2014 in London, I will be one of the speakers.
This is the second edition in London, last here it was an amazing event, full of great topics and a lot of companies present, and this year it will be even more.


There will be present a lot of the best integration experts in the world, speakers, companies, independents, all in one place and all united under the banner of the integration passion.
A lot of people registered and I’m really excited and proud to be part of this great event.
I wanted to be sure in recommending the best topics I could, to prepare my session I worked 4 month, every evening and all my free time available, so few extreme kayaking and only extreme .net coding 🙂
The big session topic will be the possibility to increase the BizTalk development productivity of 200%, there will be a big demo and most of the session will be in front to real environments.
I want to thank my family for support and patience, my second family, the BizTalk Crew, every present in me and in my mind, thank to Microsoft and all peoples will be present in London.

Ther registration are still open, you can find all informations here.

We will see in London!

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