Next Event – WPC 2017 November 28/29/30 – Milan!

The WPC 2017 is coming and I am always very excited about this event.
the event is organized by OverNet Education, the first most important company in Italy about training and education.

I’m collaborating with OverNet Education for many years and it is always a pleasure and honour to be speaker in this amazing event.

The event is considered the most important technical event in Italy and all the most important speakers around Italy and Europe join this conference.

This year I have many nice surprises and gifts for the attendees, the session I am going to present will be extremely innovative and interesting and full of great information about Microsoft Azure.

I am sure it will be an amazing event, as always it is.

Below a very interesting interview about the event with Claudio Salano (CEO Overnet Education)

You can register and find all the information here.

See you there!

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