Next Integration events and thoughts about the world of the Integration

I’m finish to transfer my family in UK, it was a big challenge full of troubles and full of nice and bad moments, now all is well sorted and we are really happy to live in UK. During this last months a lot of things happened, I’m starting to work with Azure, I migrated the BizTalk NoS Add-in in a Visual Studio Package and I created some new powerful features, I will present them in the BizTalk Innovation Day in Norway.


Last evening I was thinking about all of my career in the integration world, what I used, what I learned, what I integrated and I realized that I was lucky to enter in all of that, the world of integration is so full of different challenges, technologies, I think that it is the most complicate aspect of the information technology.

I smile when I think about the problems I had before the 1999, using ASMX and ASP pages endpoint as interfaces and C++ or Visual Basic library just to integrate the systems, I remember the famous transaction server to manage the polling and recycling, they were greats challenges, I remember the first release of BizTalk Server, when I saw this I realized that Microsoft had started to enter in the world of integration.

After 14 years we have a lot of options and a lot of things are coming, the world of the integration changing every day more and we have to consider a lot of new things and issues every day more. Now we have Microsoft BizTalk Services and we are waiting the version 2.0, this release will be ready to provide us everything we need to integrate any king of technology everywhere, on premise, on the cloud and so on, also there is BizTalk Server on premise and on the Cloud, full of great features to integrate everywhere.

A big competition started between the bigger integration providers as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and some other smaller are arriving, and a lot of marketing wars and words, “we are the best, our product is the best, our platform is cheaper, we can integrate your grandmother too, we can provide on the moon adapter, and so on”, but for us are only words, we are all persons with a deep experience and we like to see the facts.

I’m trying out understand what we really have now, but I’m pretty sure about one important thing, the transparency and the experience are the most important things and at the moment the only company where I saw a totally transparency in pricing, on their integration technology stack and in everything about his offering plan, is Microsoft.

In December Microsoft will organize the BizTalk Summit, I’m pretty sure that we’ll have a new generation of Integration Technology.


After all of these years spent in the world of the integration I understood on thing, the most important aspect is the productivity and as well the development aspect, this is the most complicated and expensive aspect, I think that is really crucial understand the best strategies that we can use to improve our productivity, the productivity is all!.

At the BizTalk Innovation event in Norway I want to speak about the most important things we have to do to improve our productivity, I want to speak about the differences between working on Azure project or on premise, how to optimize our productivity extending our weapons, how to extend Visual Studio in really easy way, I want to speak about the anatomy of an “integration’s weapon” and what are the most important development aspects that we have to check to increase our productivity, another good topic could be, what’s the best way to use Visual Studio during the development to optimize the development and, what to avoid.

I’m really excited for the Norway event because I know that I will find a lot of experts there and this is a great moment for me, to share my knowledge and experience.
Every moment for me is good to improve my knowledge, the world of the integration is huge and I learn new things every day more, Norway’s event will be another great opportunity for me to do that, logically in front a good beer 🙂

See you there 🙂

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