Paolo Salvatori at the BizTalk Innovation Day 2013 – Italy

Ok now is turn of Paolo Salvatori,


Paolo is a great friend, very special guy and original personality, you must to live Paolo to understand him.
Very original brain, I think that is very rarely to find a person as Paolo.
He plays with technologies as a kid with his toys, with a simplicity absolutely disarming, I love this guy.
Personally I learned a lot from him, observing him, speaking with him, he is a genius, believe me.

Paolo will be at the BizTalk Innovation Day 2013 in Italy, it’s a great occasion to know him personally, he will speak about a very interesting topic, how to create hybrid solutions  using Windows Azure Service Bus, BizTalk Services, Mobile Services, and BizTalk Server too, and be careful, with real extreme coding solution wrote personally from him, don’t loose this opportunity.

His Blog
His LinkedIn Page
On twitter @babosbird
BID Italy 2013 Speaker Summary
You can meet Paolo Salvatori at the BizTalk Innovation Day 2013 in Italy

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