Salvatore Pellitteri at the BizTalk Innovation Day 2013 – Italy

I want to present you Salvatore Pellitteri.


I have known Salvatore one year ago in Microsys, in this year we have worked a lot together, in many different projects and missions.
He is an very professional consultant, with a lot of experience in many technologies, formed in years working in a lot of differents missions.
I love work with him, great affinity and we formed a great couple together.
Salvatore will be at the BizTalk Innovation Day 2013 in Italy, in this day Salvatore will speaks with me about the best strategy and reasons to face a BizTalk Server 2013 migration, in all of the most important and dark aspects as licensing, costs, technology and much more.

 You can find a lot of information about him below.

His Blog
His LinkedIn Page
On twitter @pellittsa
BID Italy 2013 Speaker Summary

You can meet Salvatore Pellitteri at the BizTalk Innovation Day 2013 in Italy

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