Saravana Kumar at the BizTalk Innovation Day 2013 – Italy

Now is turn of Saravana Kumar,


I have known Saravana two years ago at Seattle, I remember very well the occasion, was during the presentation of BizTalk 360.

I remember well this moment and my surprise when I saw BizTalk 360 for the first time, I was impressive by the great idea of this product and by the features in it.

Saravana is best sample of how to make possible what it is impossible, using organization, discipline, bravery and steadiness, all of us in the BizTalk Crew,  Steef-Jan, me, Tord and Sandro, are proud to have Saravana in team.

Saravana will be at BizTalk Innovation Event 2013 in Italy, and it will be a great occasion because he will present the new version of his product, BizTalk 360, all layout changed, very nice, more easy and fast, a lot of new features present.

 You can find a lot of information about him below:


His Blog

His LinkedIn Page

On twitter @saravanamv

BID Italy 2013 Speaker Summary

You can meet Saravana Kumar at the BizTalk Innovation Day 2013 in Italy

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