Smart Cloud Integration with Azure and OpenSource


During the last London Summit I presented my new project, An Azure of Things, a developer’s perspective, you can watch the video here.
Next week I will have the pleasure to speak in the WPC 2015. I want to thank Overnet for inviting me in this important event as WPC is the most important technical conference in Italy.

Everything I started with Overnet has being a good thing. For example in Overnet, we organized the first BizTalk Innovation Event with the BizTalk Crew :).  Here a very good post from Sandro.

The title of my session is Smart Cloud Integration with Azure and OpenSource. The title reflects my idea of smart integration to describe solving common and sometimes complex integration scenarios in a very simple and smart way.

In addition, to announce something that I am very excited about. For the past two years, during my spare time of nights and weekends, I have created a smart integration framework that I am releasing as open source.

It was a big challenge as I wrote and rewrote the same code different times until I was to distill my idea to a concrete, workable solution. And now I am very happy with the result.

The project will be hosted on GitHub to give the opportunity to the community to collaborate and extend.

See you on WPC 2015 and on GitHub next week 🙂








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