South Coast Summit 2021 – Azure Governance and Security – Under the hood

October the 16th I will speak at the South Coast Summit.

This is a very important moment for me because I am finally able to be back on stage in person.

This virus completely changed our lives, and it pushed our way to work and relations with people in another new dimension.
I want to take this opportunity to finally meet friends and people in person, and the event will start October the 15th with very interesting labs.
On the 15th is the speaker dinner, and I can’t wait for that. I see a lot of my friends on the speaker’s list, from the MVP family and companies.

For the occasion, I am preparing a very nice session full of interesting and useful content. I spent my last five years leading global cloud infrastructures and investing a lot of my studies in the Cyber Security space.
Microsoft Azure is a world full of entities and features, and during this session, I want to provide what I have got and understood so far about this world.
Manage a cloud infrastructure in a proper way is a very complex task, and it requires a good experience in time.
During the session, I will present the real challenges on managing an Azure infrastructure, the governance and security side, and how to handle these complex tasks avoiding mistakes and wasting time.
Also, most importantly, I want to take this opportunity to finally interact in person with people. During the event, I will be available for a round table, maybe in front of a beer , and share experience and passion.
If you are planning to come to the event, then feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or email and plan a chat in person.

You can find all the information you need and the registration for the event below.

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