The IT Integration market – My point of view and my next events

I’m preparing two next events, one in Italy and one in Belgium and this article wants to explain what I’m going to present and to speak about.

In the last months, I have been focused in many activities like, improve my knowledge, study new Azure stacks, improve GrabCaster with new features.
Microsoft is doing a lot of stuff around Azure, I’m impressed by the number of new features I see now in the portal and not just Microsoft but the entire IT world is producing any kind of new framework and pattern.

The IT world is changed, most of the companies now are more and more closed to use open source and I’m very happy about that.
The Cloud is now able to proposes so many options about IaaS or Application, Services and Data and more.

In my opinion Microsoft Azure now is the leader about services and integration, I’m not saying that because I’m Microsoft MVP or because I like to be closed to Microsoft, I think that because I’m not able to see the same offering in the other platforms.

Holistic education is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace.

I think now we need to speak about holistic Integration because each technology in now able to find his identity, meaning, and purpose in the world of technology through connections to the others.

I normally use and mix all of the stacks like Service Fabric, Azure Functions, Logic App, GrabCaster, API management, Redis Cache and more together because I’m not able to achieve the best result using one only and each of these stack is absolutely specialized for a specific area.

Azure Function is something we can define as Nano Service oriented, very light and usable, very similar and, in the same time, very different from Azure Fabric for many reasons.
With Azure Fabric we have a concept of full reliable elastic scaling approach, Azure function is something we use for specific Nano tasks, but obviously we can extend the using of Functions to drive and manage specific logic in cloud.

I normally use GrabCaster for fast hybrid integration and to manage complex remotely event handling issues in on premise environment, and GrabCaster uses all the Microsoft Azure stacks to extend the capabilities and the results are impressive.

Logic App is now the workflow engine in the cloud, used to strictly correlate processes and services in the cloud, Microsoft is extending a lot this stack and we are able now to interconnect and consume the different Azure entities in fast way.

About messaging Service Bus is an ultra-mature stack but I know that Microsoft is preparing something fantastic, I can’t say anything more on that but, believe me, you will be happy.

Another interesting area is the Enterprise Integration Pack which is a complete stack we can use for EDI, VERTE and B2B, I’m waiting some more details regarding the pricing but it is awesome for fast VERTE and B2B integration.

Last and but not the least BizTalk Server which is going to the 2016 version, he is mature, solid and absolutely reliable and I have many nice surprises about BizTalk Server to present at the events.

Holistic is something characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

I always like to say…

We need to have a look to the whole if we want to be able to understand the single one.

If you are interesting to learn more about cloud then the Microsoft Academy is the best place for.

My next events will be:

WPC 2016 in Milan, the most important event in Italy about IT

You can register here.

At in Microsoft Belgium with the Belgium BizTalk User Group, I’m very to be there, the Belgium BizTalk User Group has many strong integration animals and great experts and I’m sure it will be a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge and good beer.

You can register here.

Looking forward to see you in one of these events.

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