Tord Glad Nordahl at the BizTalk Innovation Day 2013 – Italy

It is turn of Tord Glad Nordahl.


What to say about Tord,

With me he is considered the most other crazy guy of the BizTalk Crew, not that the other, as Steef-Jan and Sandro are normal.

He is a great expert in BizTalk Administration and be careful, not exclusively in BizTalk internal stuff, as throttling, adapters, BTS databases, maintenance, monitoring and so on, but in all aspects around a complete BizTalk solution architecture.

 I meet Tord two years ago in Italy during the BID 2012 Italy in Milan, I remember very clearly the first thing that I noticed of this guy, he had only two different states, wake and with mouth always in movement speaking, or off, sleeping, in rear of my car, the same behavior of BizTalk throttling 😉

Tord will be at the BizTalk Innovation Day 2013 in Italy, this is a big occasion to meet the only real pure BizTalk Administrator existing in the world, he will speak about Proactivity in BizTalk.

You can find a lot of information about him below.

His Blog

His LinkedIn Page

On twitter @tordeman

BID Italy 2013 Speaker Summary

You can meet Tord Glad Nordahl at the BizTalk Innovation Day 2013 in Italy

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