Monthly Archives: December, 2015

Create a smart deployment packaging with WiX 3.10 for Visual Studio 2015

Many people are keen about using WIX to create setup package and I would like to share my personal experience using WIX with GrabCaster. I'm a...

Extend the BizTalk integration stack using GrabCaster

During the last two weeks I worked around a new GrabCaster feature, the embedded version, essentially I'm thinking to the possibility to embed the GrabCaster...

GrabCaster and the Smart Integration

Probably some people remember my presentation in London during the last London Summit 2015  April where I introduced a draft version of my idea. Finally during the...

Success stories:

"The Personal Trainer program made getting in the best shape of my life really fun. The recipes are tasty and easy to cook!"

Mariana Lima


"Thomas has completely outdone himself with this course. Efficient workouts, delicious recipes and support!"

Jon Pata