Today I released a brand-new version of Aziverso.

Aziverso is the Microsoft Office add-in for Microsoft Azure created by the experiences of Azure professional. It is the perfect swiss knife to manage infrastructure, costs and security.
I have been busy for a long time working in some challenging and critical missions in Microsoft Azure. During this period, I realized how much has been useful to me Aziverso.
A couple of months ago, I checked the website, and I realized that many people download the tool.
I want to apologize to the people who may find some issues or bugs, and I thank all people who have sent me feedback and bugs.
During the last months, I realized that many features could be drastically improved, like costing, scanning. I also started implementing some other new, for instance, the possibility of merging Azure information to create more complex reports.
I use Aziverso for many scopes, financial, optimization, ethical hacking, troubleshooting and many more.

I improved the tool, tested it a lot during my job, completely changed the website, and added many short videos to explain these new versions.
I am incredibly proud of it, and it is so useful and smart and able to help me in many situations.

Aziverso is free and secure, and I hope many other people will enjoy Aziverso, I will appreciate if people can test it, send me feedback, bugs. I will be happy to receive any collaboration.

You can find Aziverso on the official website:

You can contact me and send me feedback, bugs, and advice using the website’s communication box.

And you will find all my other contacts at the bottom page on the website.

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