Azure Cost calculation for financial using Aziverso

Aziverso is getting popular, and I see the number of download increasing and people enjoying the tool, which makes me very happy.

The first scope of Aziverso is to improve productivity and make more accessible the usual tasks we need to face during our daily job in Microsoft Azure.
The costing area is critical, and there are many tools and option to calculate costs but, from my experience, what is missing in all of them is simplicity.
Most of the market options and Azure options can provide a massive number of possibilities, many extensible and complex querying and statistics, and more, which is very good for people looking to understand challenging statistics. Still, a financial team needs more practical tools, and this is where Aziverso finds the spot.

Aziverso provides just what a financial team needs to manage the daily or monthly tasks, checking the consumptions, chargeback cost to departments, organize cost by subscription or resource group without care how the subscription distribution has been organized in the company portal. (Cost by Tag is in test now)

Using the Aziverso costing customization, we can adapt and organize our subscriptions and resource to our business requirements without changing anything in Microsoft Azure. In this way we can keep business and the security of our infrastructure separated.

Aziverso requires a read-only account, and we efficiently manage where this account can access, and we can also monitor any reading action in Azure Log Analytics.

Aziverso provides the essential and most important reports, and we can select the scope.

Aziverso is an extension in Microsoft Excel, and it does not require any access into the Azure Portal or any specific technical skill or knowledge about Microsoft Azure.
Microsoft Excel is the comfort zone of any financial professional, and the mix between Microsoft Excel and the Aziverso features creates endless possibilities.

Below you can find a video explaining these capabilities.

Aziverso is free, and you can download the last version on the official website below.

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