I spent the last two years of my life leading and supporting a global company in one of the bigger Azure infrastructures in the world. The job is extremely challenging, and it gave me the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of Microsoft Azure, how it works, the entire governance, the infrastructure and security, and much more.

Security is one of my top priorities, and luckily I have the opportunity to work with different people with different backgrounds and different companies with different structures, sizes, and objectives. And one important lesson I learned is that security is a completely different matter between an on-premise data center and cloud.

The world is changing, and the Security IT with it. With the evolution of IT and the cloud, many things have changed, no more boundaries or hardware, everything is virtual, and our data are everywhere, in data centers, mobile devices, computers, also hackers evolved. Security companies and Ethical Hackers have a deep understanding of penetration testing in the data center and on-premise infrastructure, but Microsoft Azure is a completely different world.

This whitepaper will provide a good understanding of Microsoft Azure, how it is organized and the most important areas and topics to know.

Azure Fundamental for Ethical Hackers and Special Ops Team

A good understanding of Microsoft Azure, how it is organized and how it works, it is a good prerequisite in order to create penetration tests, understanding the weaknesses and the critical areas and for any type of security operator.

Azure also offers some important assets able to prevent many common attacks, and it is necessary to know which they are, if these assets are disabled, they must be communicated and enabled in order to save time and get false positive and false negatives.

This whitepaper will also provide a good introduction and understanding about penetration testing, the phases, the standards, the technique, and the methodologies relate to Microsoft Azure.

I hope you will enjoy reading.

You can download the whitepaper from here: https://ninocrudele.com/wp-content/docs/Azure-Fundamental-for-Ethical-Hackers-and-Special-Ops-Team.pdf


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