Azure Office Companion (AOC) – my lifeboat in Microsoft Azure

Many people asked me to release my tool and, thank to the Christmas time and my wife patience, I have been able to find the time to do that.
Briefly speaking, Azure Office Companion (AOC) is the result of my researches in order to speed up my daily job and to make my life easier.
In the web site you will find all the information you need, and I will publish more in detail in my blog time to time.

Everything implemented in AOC has a reason to exist and it is something that I use, and I need.
I daily work in Microsoft Azure supporting people and companies in any aspect of it and, most of the time, I really need to find information quickly, using AOC I can do that.

Referring to Star Wars, I would say that AOC contains the dark side of my technical soul.
I really enjoy using it and I hope that people will do as well as I do.

The tool is free, but you can offer me a beer when we will meet in a conference or event.

You can find Azure Office Companion at the link below, enjoy and feel free to contact me at any time for any feedback or contribution.

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