AzureLeap – Azure Onboarding Resources

This is the onboarding resources list, I will keep this guideline updated.


Onboarding Guide to the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Portal (Direct Enrollment)

Scaffold, Organisation and Architecture

Azure Enterprise Scaffold

This article provides a starting point for technical professionals to address the need for governance, and balance it with the need for agility. It introduces the concept of an enterprise scaffold that guides organizations in implementing and managing their Azure subscriptions.

Azure Onboarding Guide for IT Organizations

The purpose of this document is to provide an overview, guidance, and best practices for enterprise IT departments to introduce, consume, and manage Microsoft Azure-based services within their organization. The target audience is enterprise architects, cloud architects, system architects, and IT managers.

Azure Services 101 Cards

Main board for each important service with providing information regarding:

  • Overview
  • Pricing
  • Technical documentation

Products available by region

This is the link you need to evaluate if a product is available in a specific region.
Azure is generally available in 36 regions around the world, with plans announced for 6 additional regions. We place a high priority on geographic expansion to enable higher performance and to support your requirements and preferences regarding data location.

Graphical version.

Diagram version.

Cloud Design Patterns

The board with the common patterns and solutions

Security and Operation Management

Guideline providing the key products per area.

Azure Architecture Center

Then main guide for Azure Architecture




Number one tools for azure documentation.


Operational and Management

Azure Resource Manager vs. classic deployment: Understand deployment models and the state of your resources

Azure Quickstart Templates







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