AzureLeap – How To Share Files in Microsoft Azure and On-Premise

To share file in Microsoft Azure, especially between on-premise and cloud, a very good option is Azure File Share, it is reliable and secure.

Enter in the Azure Portal and create a Storage Account.

Access in the Storage Account, select overview and Files.

Add a new file share.

Now you can directly upload files and create directory from the UI.

Let have a look how to share this, click connect and select the best option for you to share the storage, I selected the net use.

Open the command prompt in the machine you like to add the share and rune the command below:


Reading the connection string generated by the portal below

net use Z: \\\misfmfileshare /u:AZURE\ STORAGE-ACCOUNT-NAME

You can find these information below:

Click on the storage account and select Access Keys, copy the first key.

copy the storage account name.

STORAGE-ACCOUNT-KEY: copy the first key.

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