Hackazure – anything bad and good about Azure Cybersecurity

In the last two years of my life, I focused on working in Azure Governance and Security, two big and complex topics.

In this time I realized how much complicated are these areas and how much hard is to keep notes of all the important information, and for that reason, I decided to start collecting all the most useful and practical information in a website and sharing these findings and opinions to the community, the website name is Hackazure.

In Hackazure I like to collect all the most important and useful information regarding Azure Cybersecurity, the bad and the good things, especially the bad one because knowing the bad side we can understand how to protect us much better.

I collect information and notes like attacks and countermeasures, tools and best practices, it is a great source for hackers and cybersecurity passionate and I hope the community will enjoy this initiative and effort.

The website link below

You can also follow the Twitter account @hackazure and below

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