INTEGRATE 2020 – Azure Governance and security for Enterprise integration under the hood

I am working around Azure Governance and Security every day, it is very challenging, especially when I need to combine these two topics together.
Governance and Security are strictly dependent each other; it is impossible to achieve one without the other.
Tomorrow I will speak at Integrate 2020, I want to use this session to show people the importance of this principle.
Some of the most important things that people don’t realise are, how bad things happen, if they are protected, how to protect themselves from bad people.
The first question is crucial, we need to think as a bad boy to protect us from them, there are no other better options.

During this session I want to address the first question and show people how a bad thing happens, in real.
I want to show how a hacker thinks, how dangerous could be an attack if conducted by a smart person.
I will also show some of the nastiest techniques against Azure and some integration stacks like Logic App, and I will present some great basic principle to understand if we are protected and how to protect us.

You can register to the event here.

You can use the coupon below to have a 15% discount.

See you tomorrow then.

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