Azure tools: Aziverso is being refactored

Aziverso is an excellent tool able to solve many complicated situations in Microsoft Azure.

I use Aziverso to calculate costs, optimize the infrastructure, for naming stands, and much more. The main problem is that I have been very busy with my job, and I usually work many hours, even during some evenings, and I didn’t have so much time to dedicate to Aziverso.¬†Fortunately, I have some people supporting me with the tool by testing it and reporting some bugs, improvements, or even requesting new features, and I have to be grateful for that. My friend Sandro is also helping me with the tool when the family let him some free time.


I see people starting using it, so I decided that now is the right time to improve Aziverso and to push this tool to a new level. The main areas subject to improvement will be:

  • Costs:
    • Add the possibility to use custom billing periods;
    • Add Forecast;
    • Add Monetary discount negotiation capability;
  • API:
    • Update the Azure API’s list, and I will try to do this automatically, there are still some limitations in the Azure REST API layer, I hope that now have been improved;
  • Productivity:
    • Intelligent clean up of the Azure resources, this is already in place but not released yet, I also have in mind some improvements:
    • Improve the Naming standard templates with more default naming standards advice;
  • Security:
    • Penetration test integration, I will initially integrate scanning capabilities, this is partially already in place but not released yet, and it needs some refining.
  • Automation:
    • This is the most significant improvement, and I want to provide automation capabilities to the most essential features like costs, heuristic queries, and security.
  • Documentation, Website and user experience:
      • This is Sandro domain, and he promised me to work on it, there is a lot of work to do, and he is the best person for that.
  • Fixing known bugs
    • Fix some major bugs in the cost calculation using resource groups and tags.
    • Fix some bugs in the heuristic API listing using multi parameters

I have hundreds of other features in mind, but I need to prioritize the tasks and leave them to another version, otherwise, Aziverso will never be ready. I intensively work in governance, and I know what exactly I need to improve my productivity and what kind of support I would like to have from a tool.

I am pleased to receive any type of collaboration and support, feel free to contact me directly on LinkedIn or by email.

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