Monthly Archives: April, 2014

BTSG NoS Addin Known Issues

I will update this post with all of your contributions you sending me in, to create a useful list of Known Issues. Thank you all for...

BizTalk NoS Addin new Update

I released a new update of BizTalk NoS Addin. What new and fixed: Pipeline Test of total empty pipeline without any document specification schema inside (thank to...

BizTalk NoS Addin Visual Studio 2010 version released

New BizTalk NoS Addin version available Visual Studio Gallery, the most important new features are: Installation: Two different ways: Downloading the adding from Visual Studio Gallery here From...

What about BizTalk NoS Addin Visual Studio 2010 version?

The current BizTalk NoS Addin beta version is only available for Visual Studio 2012 which means that we can only use it with BizTalk...

BizTalk NoS Add-in Beta version has been officially released through Visual Studio Gallery

Here we are, after six months of work the BizTalk NoS Add-in is ready and the Beta version has just been officially released on...

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