Azure Reconnaissance and Scanning for Ethical Hackers and Special Ops Team [free whitepaper]

The final objective of a Penetration Testing project is to provide useful information to resolve the errors identified before they can be used for malicious purposes. A Pentest activity must be considered as a project and requires the use of a methodology that helps the pentester team to perform the various steps in a correct and controlled way. A pentest can be an automated activity or performed in manual mode; in both cases, there are a series of steps that must be performed in sequence.

This whitepaper is meant to provide a quick and practical guide to Ethical Hackers and Special Ops Team. There are many available tools and techniques for scanning and reconnaissance, and this whitepaper provides the most practical for Microsoft Azure.

The reconnaissance and scanning are the first procedures to start with in order to identify our attack surface. Azure contains a large number of technologies, and these techniques may vary depending on what we need to scan and the scope. In this chapter, we will examine the most important techniques, the approaches, and the tools to use in relation to our scope and target.

I hope you will enjoy reading.

You can download the whitepaper from here:

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